ICSIFor over 30 years the dedicated team at Genea Newcastle have been providing IVF services for our patients. They have been at it so long that their babies are having babies! Thousands of couples needing assistance from Newcastle, the Hunter, the Central Coast & Northern NSW have conceived with their friendly, helpful care & state of the art laboratory techniques. And if there is one word that defines IVF at Genea it is success.

In 2018 we reached over 4000 babies born through Genea Newcastle during the 30+ years it has operated!

Give yourself a better chance of success

Genea’s ongoing commitment to world leading research and development has culminated in a 80% greater chance of taking home a baby* than the average of other clinics combined in Australia and New Zealand.

2020 success rates

Genea Newcastle data 2020 live birth rate per embryo transfer as defined by ANZARD. To view the success rates for the other IVF clinic in Newcastle who are our competition please click HERE.

In February 2021 Your IVF Success was established by the Federal government as an independent website allowing patients to access information on their chances of success with IVF treatment. Individual clinics can be compared to provide a realistic chance of success before embarking upon treatment. As reported in the Daily Telegraph, Genea Newcastle along with several other Genea clinics offers the highest chance of a baby per treatment in NSW. 

                           Women < 35 years                                                                                  Women 35-42 years old

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  • Picture 1What does our lab do so differently?
  • Blastocyst culture Genea Newcastle does day 5 (blastocyst) transfers exclusively due to the significantly higher pregnancy rates achieved versus day 2 or day 3 transfers. 

Vitrification We exclusively vitrify eggs & embryos rather than the older less reliable method of slow freezing. Some embryos do not survive freezing and thawing. At Genea the survival rate of embryos is >95% (higher than the Australian average).

Time lapse single stage culture Every single embryo at Genea Newcastle is cultured in Genea's exlcusive Geri incubator allowing us to watch and monitor the embryo's growth via time lapse photography without disturbing the embryo.

Can you watch your embryos grow? Using the GROW app our patients can login 24/7 to watch their embryos develop in the laboratory. Every single Genea patient has access to this amazing service which is not available at any other IVF clinic in Australia. 

What does IVF cost? After success rates this is the question we get asked the most. Everyone's situation is different and therefore what treatment ultimately ends up costing varies enormously between people. Having private health insurance that covers you for IVF makes a difference to the cost. We offer the best chance of having a baby not the cheapest treatment.

  • The first cycle of IVF costs between $4500 to 7400 depending on health insurance if you qualify for the NSW IVF rebate.
  • A frozen embryo transfer costs between $2500 to 3600 depending on health insurance

Most people <38 years old are successful within 3 to 5 embryo transfers.