Dr Robert Woolcott

Dr Robert Woolcott is one of Australia’s most experienced fertility specialists with particular expertise in male fertility. He is Australia’s leading reproductive microsurgeon, having performed more than 3,000 vasectomy reversal and tubal ligation reversal operations – many more than any other specialist currently practising nationwide.

Experience and Qualifications

Robert is a Non-executive Director of Genea and is Medical Director of Genea’s Newcastle clinic. He is also Chairman of Genea Biomedx Professional Advisory Board. He graduated Medicine with honours from the University of New South Wales in 1981 and he is a certified sub-specialist in reproductive endocrinology and infertility (CREI).

Early in his career, Robert was awarded both the Chris Hudson Fellowship and Brown-Craig Travelling Fellowship and undertook post-graduate studies at two of America’s most prestigious universities – Harvard and Yale.  In addition he has previously managed Genea’s genetics laboratories.

He is the principal author of numerous peer-reviewed medical journal publications and is a referee for the leading international journals in the area of fertility and human reproduction. His research interests are the causes of male infertility and fallopian tube dysfunction and mechanisms of microsurgical repair.

Vasectomy Reversal

Robert has performed large numbers of vasectomy reversal procedures in Newcastle, Perth & Sydney. It is only by continually undertaking vasectomy reversal operations that is it possible to obtain consistently high success rates and the results from his vasectomy reversal operations are exceptional. For comprehensive information on vasectomy reversal visit his website www.vasectomyreversalaustralia.com.au

Tubal Ligation Reversal

Robert has been performing microsurgical tubal ligation reversal procedures for over 25 years.

For detailed information on tubal ligation reversal visit www.reversal.com.au.

Additional Information

Rob’s main office is now based in Kent St Sydney & he is best contacted on:

T: 1300 307 166 (local call Australia wide)

E: office@robertwoolcott.com

He is also available for consultation in Newcastle and Perth. Robert is also available for phone consultations from any location world wide for vasectomy reversal.

 Dr Woolcott is not currently seeing new patients for infertility or IVF.